"Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing." - Arthur Schopenhauer

Of course, this applies to overall our physical health, to the teeth and the entire chewing process. It has long been known that the teeth are an essential part of the body and the first step to take for your health is to take care of your teeth. Many unexplained health problems and pain can be solved by correct adjustment of your jaw, bite and TMJ.

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Crowns and Bridges

Essentially, we are in favor of preserving your own teeth and will do everything possible. Sometimes though “everything” is not enough. If you have teeth worn, broken, missing or unable to perform their function optimally crowns and/or bridges are our recommendation. At our clinic we use the most modern crowns with a look just like your natural teeth.

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The process we use is minimum-invasive, involving the absolute minimum tooth preparation and then bonding a crown with the remaining tooth. We specialize in metal-free ceramic crowns that provide a more aethsetic natural, translucent appearance. A bridge is neccessary when a tooth – for whatever reason – is missing, the tooth in front of and the tooth behind the gap are used to create a footing to hold the bridge. Also, in special cases there is the choice of metal-ceramic bridges for a larger bridges or as a longer lasting provisional solution. When patients are asked what is important to when you think of crowns and bridges? The answer is always first “You shouldn’t see them.” This led us to rethink in terms of shape, color, material and technology and now we offer many options. Options range from translucent. to wafer-thin, to metal-free. Offering the best option for a radiant, white and yet natural smile.


What most patients ask for? Correct unattractive teeth without extensive orthodontal treatment or sacrificing natural tooth structure. Sometimes referred to as “Instant Orthodontics.” How it works? Veneers are done by covering the face of your teeth with a tiny ceramic shells.

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Like the name Veneer suggests.The surface of the natural tooth is lightly roughened and the veneers are then bonded on. Lo and behold… you can see cosmetic and aesthetic results. The dream of a perfect smile and white teeth comes true immediately. Veneer done at our clinic havve lasted more 25 years and are still shining. Depending on your dental needs, veneers are a good alternative to crowns. This is normally performed for non-medical reasons such as discoloration, different lengths, chipping, breaks, crooked teeth, and other conditions. Dr. Losonczy can with a simple procedure permanently corrects tooth color and shape. Our veneers are natural in color and are made of either ceramic or composite. Veneers are mainly used in the anterior or posterior jaw areas, predominantly for cosmetic reasons.

Fillings, Inlays and Onlays

Very few people will live without fillings. Cavities, accidents, cracks and the like damage the the tooth structure, and so the surface of the tooth must be repaired. Various solutions are available depending on the degree of damage. Optimally, even small cavities will be treated as soon as possible and will not get to the point where there is more damage. A filling is considered beautiful if it is imperceptible.

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Fillings and inlays – are familiar from childhood. We find it very important that this first appointment be completely painless so that the child will not be afraid of the dentist the following years. After anesthesia of the tooth, the danaged part is removed and the lost tooth material is restored by filling the “hole”.This used to be done with amalgam, which we now know to be unhealthy and even harmful. See also “Amalgam Restoration.” Modern day we use tooth colored materials. Inlays are an alternative. For an inlay, an impression is taken after drilling, the inlay is then made at our laboratory, and then inlayed. Viola! If the chewing surface If the chewing surface is damaged then use an onlay. Onlays are also made in the laboratory in same way as inlays but not to just fit a hole but to repair the entire chewing surface. No matter which filling alternative you select – you will look good and it will last. So that you can always bite well.


Implants provide relief for patients with missing teeth in a way that they have the original strength and natural appearance of their own teeth. Implants arre done with touching any of the neighboring teeth.

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Dental science has made many advancements with implants. Actually, “implant” means something “implanted.” A new tooth root is constructed of titanium or ceramic is then “planted” in the jaw, on which a crown is then attached. Fortunately, this can be done for you today. For a time this was done using only a titanium made screw, now were are fortunate to have the metal-free ceramic implant. The great new is that this is done with grinding the neighboring teeth as you would have to when installing a bridge. Also noteable is implants are a wonderful alternative for replacing a bridge. Through the twentieth century titanium implants were common. The implant in the jaw is titanium and the visible crown is also of titanium, which is then veneered with ceramic. Recent trends are that our patients are conscious more and more of the value on a metal-free mouth. That is why we have been now also offering metal-free implants for many years. This essentially means that both the implant in the jaw and the visible crown are made entirely of ceramic. Absolutely metal-free. The result? Healthy. White. Nice.


Straight teeth. Strung together like pearls. Who does not want this? It is not only beautiful and functional, but also gives us self-confidence and the desire to laugh.

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However, when people think of orthodontics, most people think of devices, such as braces. Thank goodness those times are over. Today, Dr. Losonczy’s provides orthodontic treatment, effectively unnoticed in almost all cases whether for a child or an adult. We offer options of transparent splints, invisible wires and many other options for carefree and comfortable wear.


How nice would be when you went to the dentist and he said “Everything’s fine, we’ll see you in 6 months for the next check-up”. This has become a reality.

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Prophylaxis = taking all measures to prevent a disease = an advance guard! All this is relatively easy in dentistry. What you can do at home: Brush your teeth CORRECTLY regularly. Tooth-healthy diet. What the dentist can do for you: Six-monthly check of all teeth. Regular and professional teeth cleaning by a trained specialist.

Prostetics And Partial Dentures

A variety of reasons can lead to the loss of many or even all teeth. It is no longer a disaster, because now there are solutions that we can provide to improve your quality of life.

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Just as there is the perfect pair of trouser that are so comfortable to wear, a well-fitting outfit or the ideal suit, there is also the perfectly fitting and safe prosthesis or partial dentures. Dr. Losonczy utilizes the many advancements in technology and materials in order that you will wear your prosthesis or partial dentures all day without any problems.

Peridontal Disease

Periodontosis (medical periodontitis) is a chronic infectious disease that can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. You should take every precaution and correct diagnosis – before it’s too late.

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Periodontal disease often known as “gum disease” is in fact a condition where the gums recede. This happens when food or plaque push under the gums. This allows bacteria to get under the gums and affect the gums sensitively. It flames up and retreats which means it often goes untreated. What has to be done here is a dental checkup and through cleaning. Symptoms of untreated periodontal disease are bad breath, bleeding gums, and pain. When the gums recede and the inflammation spreads to the jawbone, the jawbone and gums may no longer be able support the tooth. Then tooth loss occurs. Health studies have proven that periodontitis can also affect your general health with risks of heart attack, pneumonia, diabetes, etc. and in pregnant women, it can trigger premature births. You shouldn’t let it get that far. Dr. Losonczy offers periodontal treatment that can prevent tooth loss as well as other diseases. Otherwise, teeth that were thought to be lost can be “fixed”. During periodontal treatment, the surface of the teeth is cleaned and smoothed to a point below the gums. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and is therefore painless. If the periodontal disease is very advanced, surgical intervention may be necessary.


Pulling teeth – not a nice thought. Still, there are situations where you cannot avoid it. Especially with wisdom teeth.

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Wisdom teeth are extracted (pulled) when they obstruct or interfere with our other teeth. Other teeth can be at risk of becoming so damaged that there is not enough tooth left to fill or crown. An extracted tooth does not leave a gap, as it can be replaced with a bridge or an implant. It is important in an extraction procedure that the teeth and jaw are treated gently and, above all, painlessly. Essentially 3 things count here: experience, experience and more experience. We have this experience with Dr. Losonczy. Every measure is taken so that an extraction does not cause a trauma.

Amalgam Removal

Most people know that amalgams are toxic. Unfortunately, however, many people still have amalgam fillings in their teeth dating from their childhood. Replacing these amalgams is now one of modern dentistry priorities. And that’s exactly where Dr. Losonczy’s has expertise.

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We believe in the importance of not only the health of the teeth but the entire health of our patients. That is why the topic of “amalgam removal” and health is oof such concern. We all know by now that amalgam is not only unhealthy, but also actually toxic. Many illnesses can be caused by the presence of amalgam. Dentists, general practitioners, and others doctors all agree that that treatment of many diseases should be undertaken in parallel with amalgam removal. That’s why we’ve been working with doctors and other practitioners for a long time to examine and deal with the issue holistically, because amalgam removal (at the dentist’s) is only part of the overall amalgam restoration. First, the amalgam is removed by Dr. Losonczy under very special conditions. The patient and the practice team as well as the treatment room are all prepped in such a way that both the amalgam and resulting vapors are disposed of correctly. Protecting the health of the patients and the dental team. Patients are protected by a rubber dam and oxygen mask that prevents any vapors from getting through. The dental team is also protected by various measures. In addition, a special high volume evacuation device is positioned next to the patient, which carries the vapor away completely. Patients are protected by a rubber dam and oxygen mask that prevents any vapors from getting through. The dental team is also protected by various measures. In addition, a special high volume evacuation device is positioned next to the patient, which carries the vapor away completely. The whole apparatus appears a bit “Sci-Fi”. On the contrary. the thing to know is that it is not dangerous. After amalgam removal, cavities are filled with a temporary material that will remain in the teeth for approximately 6 months. During this period, other amalgam restoration can be carried out. At a point, the temporary material is removed and the patient receives a final restoration. such as natural looking composite fillings. What is the positive effect of an amalgam removal? Pristine white teeth “just like as a child” – and who doesn’t want that? Would you like to know more? A lot more information about amalgam removal and restoration can be found HERE.